About Me

Hello! I'm Amanda Corbet and I welcome you to my little spot of the internet! Please, get a drink, have a seat, get comfortable and stay a while!

My wonderful goofball husband Bill and I live in a 1950's house in a small town north of Kansas City, Kansas. I grew up as an Army brat and my family landed in Leavenworth in 1991 and have been here ever since. The hubby and I live with a few fur balls that just want us to lounge around on the sofa and give them constant food and attention.

Here's my sweetheart Bill. He loves to fly a Cessna and ride a motorcycle. I think he just has a need for speed...

Our two totally and completely spoiled little dogs Buddy and Sassie. Here is Buddy in his favorite orange chair with those big puppy dog eyes. He is a miniature dachshund and miniature beagle mix.

Here is our sweet little Sassie with Buddy not far behind. She is an adorable little miniature dachshund whose name fits so very well. 

When I'm not working at my day job as a designer at a local manufacturing company, cleaning/remodeling the house with my hubby, working on college coursework, or giving the dogs their deserved attention, I like to make things. A large variety of things...

I just love to create things with my hands and put that special love into the gifts I give and the things I make for my home. So far I have done crochet (which is great TV watching crafting), cross stitch, jewelry making, card making, fused glass, stained glass, some painting, and a lot of paper crafting! I make a lot of cards and do a lot of stamping for three reasons:
  • It's like instant gratification because a card doesn't take long to make. 
  • I have a large family with lots of birthdays and such so the cards are always handy to have around. 
  • I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator so I love to share all the fabulous products they have.
So basically my blog is a hodge-podge of stuff that I want to share with you like all the crafty related things I make and home remodeling or organizing projects, or anything else that seems interesting enough for a post. 

If you want to take a peek into where I play, create, make a mess, and sometimes actually have a finished project click HERE

These are a few of my favorite posts ever.
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Welcome to our Firepit Sign
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So Many Candles Card

Some completely random things about me:

  • I love the color blue... and turquoise.
  • Even my car is bright blue. 
  • My favorite ice cream right now is Cookie Dough. 
  • I procrastinate.... a lot. 
  • I'm not really super picky, so it's incredibly hard for me to make a decision sometimes. Especially on the big things. 
  • I always have way too many projects "in process" and not enough "finished". (I seriously need to work on that). 
  • I really like things with snowflakes on them. 
  • I love the snow we get here in Kansas... as long as I can stay inside wrapped up in a blanket and view it from the window. 
  • I'm the youngest of four kids with two older brothers and one older sister. 
  • My dream vacation would be a cruise to Alaska or maybe Norway. 
  • My favorite food, if I had to pick just one thing, would be my Momma's apple pie. Seriously, it's the best! 
  • My dream house would be a traditional, but new, farmhouse just outside of town. I'm craving some open space. 
  • I love to read fantasy and romance novels when I manage to find the time. 
  • I listen to a wide variety of music, but what I'm listening to lately is One Republic, Lindsey Sterling, and just about anything new country. 
  • Blowing bubbles is fun! 

I hope you make yourself at home, wander around for a while, and let me know what you think of my projects. Also, if there is something else you would like to see or know just send me an email or comment.