Monday, January 11, 2016


My Goals for 2016

I wasn't going to share a new year's goal list here on my blog. I mean really, its what every other blogger is sharing right now and who wants to read another goal list? But I think of my blog as my creative journal so why the heck not? It would be kinda fun to look back at the end of this year and see if I was able to stick to my goals or not. So here we go from lowest priority to highest.

5. Of course I want to get my home more organized and simplified by getting rid of things we don't use that is just taking up space. We have a somewhat small house, not tiny house by any means, but it's not huge. So every available storage space is important and needs to function. This is definitely something that requires constant attention by controlling what comes in as well as getting things out.

4. Post 2 new items into the Etsy shop each week. I have been meaning to actually make my Etsy shop a business for some time rather than just having a handful of listings. So I plan on posting at least two items per week into the shop. Now that could just be two pair of simple earrings or two complete jewelry sets, or some other crafty product.

3. Update the Etsy shop with my current inventory. I have several signs and jewelry pieces that are ready to be added to the shop. I just need to photograph them and list them. So I hope to spend some time over the next couple of weekends to get these listed. So I really consider this a short term goal rather than something to keep up with all year long.

2. And this is an important one... Don't get behind on college course work. I work full time and take 3 college courses during each spring and fall semester. It is so hard to catch up when you get behind and seriously makes me stress out. I don't want to be stressed all the time. So the goal is to get each week's assignments completed on time or early.

1. Since July of last year I have been watching what I eat and regularly working out 4 times per week. I haven't had an issue with this so far, but I want this to be a lifestyle change rather than just keeping up with it until I reach my goal and stop. So, if for some reason I miss a workout my goal is to make sure that I don't miss any more than one workout during that particular week and never miss two in a row. Unless its out of my control of course.

Since starting this weight loss journey last July I have been truly happy with myself and have more confidence in myself (which is something I was seriously lacking previously). I also feel great and have more energy. It doesn't make sense that by working your body harder you would have more energy, but it really is true. So far I'm 43 pounds down from where I started and I feel amazing! So I want to keep that momentum up and make sure I don't revert back to my unhealthy ways.

Above is a photo from December 2014 of me with my best friend Jessica. Below is a similar photo from this last December. Oh the difference 6 months of eating better and working out can make! 

So here's to a great 2016 and best wishes to all of you who are also setting goals or deciding on words for the year, or both!