Friday, June 19, 2015


Living in a Fixer Upper House

I don't mean the ever popular show on HGTV, that I happen to love by the way, I mean living in my own 1950's house that needs lots of fixing to be considered "done". Although I would gladly welcome Chip and Joanna to redo my house any time they want to head north, but back to the point...
I haven't shared many pictures of my house because it has been in a constant state of construction the entire 9 years that we've lived there and to date there are only two rooms that could be considered finished. Not decorated, just finished.

So I am going to step deep into the world of DIY and share with you a project that has gone on for 3 years. Yep. 3 whole years. Lets take a look at what we started with. This is our sunroom. This one room with nine lovely windows is one of the main reasons we bought this house in the first place. When we bought the house my family helped paint every room a nice shade of beige. At that point I didn't really care about the color and just wanted fresh paint up on the walls. Some of those rooms were some seriously funky colors. But in the last 9 years I have grown very tired of the boring beige.

We also had crappy carpet that even after shampooing still smelled kinda funky. I decided to rip out the carpet and do something with the floors. I was tired of cleaning carpet. Then the hubs decides why don't we just go ahead and redo the room while we're at it. So we get new sheet rock up on the walls and ceiling then before we even have all the joints taped the roof started leaking.

This portion of the house was an addition that wasn't necessarily done right. The roof of the main house is in a T shape and the flat roof of the sunroom is in the inside corner of one side of the T. This makes getting the roof sealed up very difficult. But after one try of fixing it our selves, and two tries with a professional roofer the roof is now water tight. Yay! So, the roof issues combined with lack of money and lack of motivation/laziness has led us to about a month ago. Here is what we had to deal with...

The room was pretty much unusable so it became a dumping ground for everything. I spent a day sorting through and clearing out all the stuff and we got to work patching the insulation and sheet rock where we had the leaking issue, sprayed knock down for some texture (and to hide some imperfections), and it was ready for paint. I knew I wanted a dusty blue color so I bought the three samples you see below and put them up on the wall.

I showed my husband the three colors I had selected to choose from, and his response.... they all look the same! Ha, such a guy. So I picked the darkest of the three  which is Dolphin Blue from Behr. Two coats of paint on the walls and two coats of white on the ceilings, some trim around the windows, and here we are.

Now you know the saga of the sunroom redo as it stands. Come back next week to see my design plans for the room.