Friday, May 22, 2015


Sunroom Design Plans

Are you ready to see my design plan for our in process sunroom? Where I left off the walls and ceiling had been textured and painted and that's where I left you hanging in anticipation. Exciting stuff right? I just know you were on the edge of your seat waiting to see what we did next.

First off I want to let you know that I am by no means a professional designer. I'm pretty sure I will make choices that others would not. I've never truly "decorated" a room before quasi finishing my craft studio this winter. It's taken years for me to discover what I truly loved from a design perspective and what fits my husband's and my personality. So what we end up with is a style that is a mix between modern, traditional, and rustic. In short lets just say that we can't make up our minds...

This room is going to function primarily as our living room, but will also have a small table space and a computer desk for me. I like having my computer upstairs in the main living area rather than down in my craft room. It makes it easier to listen to homework lectures while I cook dinner or work on blog posts in spare bits of time.

Here is a list of our needs for this space:

  • Sofa (of course)
  • Entertainment center for TV, etc. 
  • Ottoman for storage and to put your feet up 
  • End tables 
  • Bistro table
  • Recliner for the hubs
  • Accent chairs for guests
  • Ceiling fans to circulate air when the windows are open
  • Plenty of hidden storage
  • DVD storage
  • Curtains & sheers

I've compiled everything onto one Pinterest board. Pinterest makes it so easy to have a design board with links to everything you need. Let me just say real quick that this is absolutely not a sponsored post in any way. I just love the products I chose for this space and I'm sharing my design journey with you. 

I purchased these curtains from Walmart a couple years ago not long after we initially started working on the space. When you are buying curtain panels to cover nine windows it's truly an investment even for inexpensive curtains. So I went with something that has a natural linen look in neutral colors. I figured the curtains could last through many paint color changes and still work with the design of the room.

As many a design blog suggests I started off by finding an inspiration fabric to act as my muse for the room before choosing any paint colors. I found this lovely fabric here. It's an outdoor fabric, but I absolutely loved the vibrant colors and the watercolor look of the pattern. It's from this that I pulled the color for the walls and what I am designing the room around. Well that and the curtains I already had...

Richloom Solarium Outdoor Muree Sunblue

For the flooring we wanted to keep it on the cheap side. After pricing engineered hardwood and laminate wood flooring we found it was just going to cost too much money to finish this huge room in the time frame that we want to. After 3+ years under construction I'm not willing to wait any longer than necessary.

So we patched the subfloor where we had to cut some pieces out to run wiring and I'm going to paint and stencil the floor. Call me crazy... believe me, mu husband has, but it will look nice and will at least last until we are ready to buy a house out in the country and we can deal with the flooring before putting the house up for sale. Or maybe it will look awesome enough to keep as is. But I'm going to take a chance and get it done. It will take a lot of hard work, but it will also save us some $. This is my inspiration.

painted stenciled floor

For the sofa I purchased this lovely from Wayfair and it arrived last week. It is so beautiful and looks exactly like the picture on the website. I won't be using the throw pillows that came with it though. I want something a little more bright and fun. That's where the inspiration fabric comes in, as throw pillows. For the side chairs I plan on ordering two of these.

For my desk I wanted something that wouldn't block the glorious windows. So I'm sticking with something simple. I've purchased the bases of this desk from Ikea and we will be DIYing the desk top with some wood. This beauty is my desk chair. I plan to have some floating shelves on the wall to the right of the desk for some decorative display.

I picked up the turquoise bistro set from our local Dillon's of all places. This isn't the exact same one but it works to get an idea of everything together.

Some things we will be DIY-ing are the entertainment center, ottoman, and end tables. The ottoman won't have the same fabric as this one, but I like the shape, size and the decorative legs on the bottom.

We will be using two of these ceiling fans in our large 12 ft. x 24 ft. space. 

This last weekend we got the trim up around the windows. The trim around the door and baseboards will be done after the flooring is finished up. So my challenge this week, to clean and prep the floors for paint and stenciling! Wish me luck!