Monday, February 23, 2015


Sweet Baby Quilt

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you might have seen the first two pictures of these lovely quilt pieces in progress. I was working on a quilt that is slightly larger than a standard crib size for my newest little nephew. Now that Christmas is past I can share what I was working on. I used the Sweets pattern from Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris.

The instructions are really easy to follow... that is if you actually follow them... What was supposed to be cute little squares ended up being cute little rectangles because I made a mistake when I was cutting my strips. But it still looks really cute in my totally biased opinion!

The finished quilt ended up looking more like a parallelogram rather than a rectangle, but I am still fairly new to quilting and I was using cheap polyester batting that likes to move all over the place. Yep, those are the excuses I'm going with. (grin)

I would like to say that the quilting lines are intentionally wavy and imperfect to give the quilt a whimsical feel, but in reality it was only a couple days until Christmas and I didn't have the time to go slow enough to make sure the stitch lines stayed straight. Can you say procrastinator???

But even with all the mistakes, it is still cute, and it will still keep the little guy warm so I call it a success! 

Check out Allison's book for more fun quilt patterns! Oh, and in case you're wondering this isn't a sponsored post or anything. I've been following Allison's blog for quite some time and just want to share her awesomness!