Wednesday, February 18, 2015


DIY Dot Wine Glasses

I'm here to share another Christmas gift today! This one was a set of hand painted wine glasses for my cousin. They were so incredibly easy to do! Seriously, you have to give it a try!

~ Supplies ~
  • Clear wine glasses 
  • DecoArt Crystal Gloss Enamels: Turquoise, Blue, White, Crystal Glitter
  • Pencil with a new eraser, paper craft stylus, rubbing alcohol, lint free cloth

This project is so easy that it in no way requires a tutorial. I picked up a package of four wine glasses from Walmart to make these. Super cheap and yet beautiful wine glasses are the result! 

So here is how it goes. Take your lint free cloth and use rubbing alcohol to clean off the wine glasses. You want to make sure that all the oils and such are off the surface. Pour some of your paint of each color onto a palette of some sort. Take your pencil eraser and dip it into the paint then press the eraser onto the glass. Repeat to add as many large dots of each color as you like.

Then take your paper crafting stylus and dip the ball end in the paint and touch it to the glass. Repeat to add as many small dots as you like.

Then just allow the paint to air dry for four days. Then place the glasses in a cold oven and heat it up to 275°F. Once at 275°F bake for 30 minutes. When your time goes off just shut the oven off. Do not remove the glasses. Just leave them in there and forget about them until the oven is completely cool.

You're done! Now just wrap them up and give them as a gift. Or keep them for yourself! If the paint is allowed to cure properly and baked per the instructions on the bottle you should have a dishwasher safe finish. I'm still chicken and wash them by hand though...

What do you think?