Thursday, January 8, 2015


Glam Earrings

Today I have another Christmas gift to share with you! This time it's jewelry related. I wanted to make my sister-in-law a pair of pretty high end looking earrings. I should have taken some pictures of the process, but I didn't. Anyway, I used some nickel wire and formed the tear drop shape then hammered it to give the hoops a bit of texture. Then I used head pins to add some crystal pearls, cracked glass beads, and those lovely dark blue glass beads that look like crystals.

To package it up nicely I quickly whipped up a little tag with a scrap of ribbon, a punch, and stamp. Then I just pierced holes through the card stock for the ear wires to go through and added one of the little backs onto the ear wires.

My sister-in-law loved them. Heck I love them. I may decide to do a tutorial when I make a similar pair for myself! I think I succeeded in getting the high end look I was after. What do you think?