Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A Christmas Quilt for a Nephew

Here is yet another Christmas preset that I made. This quilt was for one of my nephews. It is slightly wider than a standard twin size blanket. I used the Tick Tock pattern from Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris. The pattern was super easy to follow. The fabric all came from Joanns. I used cheap batting so I kept the quilting to simple straight stitches on either side of the blocks.

When I was about an hour away from finishing this quilt a couple days before Christmas my sewing machine decided to start acting up. I only had one side left to attach the binding on then just wrapping the binding to the front side and stitching it down. Then the machine wouldn't work anymore. It kept saying there was a thread break error, but the thread wasn't broken, and it wouldn't keep tension at all. Grr...

Oh, I should also note that this was actually intended to be gift for Christmas 2013, but I didn't get it finished in time. I had the quilt top done and the back done, and partially quilted. Then it sat there until a week before this last Christmas. Procrastinate much???

So the next day I went to borrow my mom's sewing machine to finish it up and was able to get it done and still have some time to relax. I ended up taking my sewing machine in to be serviced and now it's fixed. I just have to drive to Kansas City to pick it up this weekend. Yay!

Anyway... my nephew seemed to like it even though a blanket isn't nearly as fun as all the toys he got Christmas morning.