Monday, June 23, 2014


Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle!

Fair warning, this is a sponsored, and picture heavy, post. But... it's also a tutorial! There is even a handy dandy coupon so you can get some DecoArt goodness with a discount! Opinions are 100% mine. I have loved using DecoArt paints for quite some time on any painting project I chose to tackle. I have wanted to make one of these signs for quite a while so it just seemed natural to tie it in with a coupon so you can get some paint goodness at a discount.

So.... here is what I painted...

This sign has some fun bright colors and lot of sparkle!

Do you know it's really hard to get a good photograph of glitter and actually show that it's sparkly? This sign looks so much more fab and sparkly in real life.

So.. what do you need???
  • Electronic cutter
  • 12" x 12" piece of Vinyl
  • 12" x 12" cutting mat for electronic cutter
  • 12" x 12" transfer paper
  • 1 x 6 that is 18" long (or a 5-1/2" wide x 18" long hunk of wood)
  • DecoArt Americana Paint: Titanium White, Citron Green, Whispering Turquoise, Purple Pizzaz
  • DecoArt Multisurface Satin in Dolphin (or an Americana shade of gray, but this is what I had)
  • DecoArt Decou-Page
  • DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint in Turquoise and Lavender
  • Painter's Tape, four sponges, plastic tray for paint, craft knife, bone folder or old gift card, and a craft paint brush
Start off by making sure your board is sanded to make it smooth then wipe it off with a damp rag to get all the dust of. Now mix Titanium White paint half and half with some water and brush it onto the front and sides of the board. Allow this to dry for at least an hour so it is completely dry. You don't want the vinyl to pull up the paint later. You can also paint the backside with this whitewash too if you are picky like me. 

Create a file in your electronic cutter software to cut your vinyl template with the words. I used my Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette vinyl and it worked like a charm. Don't want to hassle with getting the template just right? Well if you're using a board the same size as the instructions you can just download this pattern from my store. It even comes with a large size JPEG file so you can make it bigger if you want! 

Weed out the letters and borders from the vinyl. Then cover with the 12" x 12" transfer paper. Rub it down really good with a bone folder or an old credit card. Now take a craft knife and carefully cut between the vinyl so you have two separate pieces to work with. Pull up the first piece slowly to make sure you have all the vinyl pieces. 

Then apply the vinyl onto the sign being careful to center it between the top and the bottom edges so your words are straight. Then add the other half just like you did the first. Make sure you rub the vinyl down really good to get it to stick to the board and peel the transfer paper up slowly to make sure all your vinyl pieces stuck. 

Now take some painter's tape and cover up the seam between the two pieces of vinyl, but make sure you don't cover up any of the letters. 

Coat all of the letters with some DecoArt Decou-Page. No matter how well you rub down the vinyl you will always have some paint bleed underneath on the first coat. So if your first coat is clear then that clear layer will bleed through but you can't see it when it's done. So you end up with nice crisp paint lines. 

Add a small squirt of each paint color into some sort of disposable plastic container. 

One color at a time dab the sponge into the paint. Then using a dabbing up and down motion sponge the paint onto the letters. Use a different sponge for each color of paint. Make sure you're careful when you get close to a word that is in a different color. Allow the paint to dry on the letters for about 15-20 minutes then add another coat of paint onto the letters to get nice coverage. 

Allow the letters to dry again for 15-20 minutes or until it is completely dry. Now squirt a little Turquoise Glamour Dust Glitter Paint into your tray. Take a fresh sponge and sponge just the bottom half of the letters you painted in the Whispering Turquoise. Allow that to dry for 10-15 minutes and add a second coat just to the bottom half of the letters. This gives them kind of a sparkly ombre look. 

Now squirt some Lavender Glamour Dust Glitter Paint into your container and with a fresh sponge dab on the glitter paint over the word "sparkle". Allow this to dry for 10-15 minutes. Repeat to add two more coats of Lavender glitter paint allowing it to dry between each layer. 

Now just let the paint dry completely. I left it sitting for about an hour but that's because I had to cook dinner. 30-45 minutes should do the trick though. Then just gently peel off the vinyl. Carefully use a craft knife or needle tool to pick up the edges of the center of the letters like e, a, o. 

Now your sign is done! If you would like to protect all your hard work you could add a spray sealer of Americana Glossy or Matte sealer to protect your paint while still letting the glitter sparkle and shine. Just add some hangers to the back and hang it up. Or just lean it on a shelf for display. 

Now are you ready for a coupon??? Of course you are! Who doesn't want to get crafty goodies for less. 

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Do you love this sign and want one for your space but don't want to have to get your fingers painty? Here it is in my shop! It took a couple tries to get a good tutorial done for you. So I actually ended up with a couple of these signs. Mine has the word "sparkle" in turquoise. So I thought I would share this lovely with someone who would prefer to have some purple thrown in. There are just so many great colors of the Glamour Dust Glitter Paint I had to play with more than just one!

What projects would you use glitter paint on to add some sparkly glam to your space?
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