Monday, May 19, 2014


Long Time No Post

Hello! Long time no post, other than Craft Project Central posts. I didn't mean to fall off the face of the web for the most of May. It's just been busy in my neck of the woods. I get most of my crafting done on the weekends and we've been busy busy on the weekends lately with projects and birthday parties and barbecues and lots of fun! 

A couple weeks ago we totally scored and got an awesome new front door for our house (a post will come on that later (read: we still have to fix the trim on the inside, but need our miter saw back for that since someone is borrowing it. Hi sis!). So of course the very next day we took an afternoon (4 hours) to install the fabulous new door. Then this last weekend I spent about 3 hours putting three coats of white paint on both the inside and outside of the door. 

I've also been working on painting the sewing desk that I picked up at a  yard sale. If you follow me on Instagram (yes I'm finally on Instagram) you may have seen some of the progress. If you want to follow me on Instagram just click on the lovely Instagram button on my right sidebar (a new addition). Shout out to Lucia Barabas for making and selling fabulous bloggy buttons!

I've been making some baby shower invitations for two baby showers. If you need custom cards or invitations just drop me a line! I have some extras that I will be adding into my Etsy store soon. I'm really hoping to get the store actually stocked with some awesome stuff I've been working on. 

I have also been working on some behind the scenes changes on the blog. You might have noticed my lovely new hand drawn/painted header and signature. So excited about those! I really love Stampin' Up! and I still plan on sharing lots of projects and inspiration using their products but I also want to branch out more and post more about general crafting and maybe a little bit of decorating/home DIY/organizing as we get projects finished around the house. So, a more general and more personalized header and signature were required. In case you're wondering they were drawn with Copic Multiliner Black in 0.5mm, Copic BG53 Ice Mint, as well as Grumbacher Opaque watercolor paints all on Canson Mixed Media paper. 

Whew that is quite a list! I will be back in a little bit with an actual project post.