Monday, March 24, 2014


Spring Wreath

It's finally spring!!! Now if only Mother Nature would decide for it to be spring and actually stay above freezing for more than a day at a time...

A little over a week ago I got out all my Easter and spring decorations (which isn't very much) and put them on display around the house. I've known for a while now that I wanted a simple grapevine wreath to hang on the front door that I can easily change up for the different seasons with some fake flowers. 

I picked up all these lovely flowers at Joann's. They were in bunches so I took some wire cutters and cut each flower stem apart then just stuck the stem into the wreath form. No glue because I want to be able to pull these out and switch out the flowers for each season. 

I tied a quick bow with some burlap ribbon from Stampin' Up! then stuck a wire through the ribbon and poked the wire into the wreath form. I took some more wire and made a loop to hang the wreath from, weaved it through the wreath form then wrapped the wire ends around the base of the loop. Then the wreath was hung onto the front door with a brushed nickel looking command hook.

I just now realized that the brushed nickel hook totally clashes with the brass in the window of the door. Oops. Oh well.

Here I'm just playing around with different angles and I couldn't decide which one I liked more so you get both! 

Yes, I totally just posted 6 pictures of a simple wreath that took a whopping 10 minutes to put together. And 5 of that was trying to tie a burlap bow that was visually appealing.

Also, after editing the 34 photos I took of the wreath down to the six you see above I realized just how dirty our front door was and promptly took the wreath down to take a mr. clean sponge to the door and put the wreath back up.

I'm thinking that our door needs a fresh coat of paint. But what color??? Maybe I should just play it safe and stick with the white...