Saturday, March 22, 2014



I took the time to play with some paint last week and painted along with Tracy in her re-run of the Mixed Media Monday from February 25th. I have no idea what paints I used. Tracy goes FAST! If it weren't for the pause button on my tablet I would never have been able to keep up! 

The paint is all acrylic and mostly DecoArt brand. I used a fine point sharpie to add the doodling and a Signo Gel Pen for the white in the doodles. The buttons are retired from Stampin' Up. I also used a black pastel pencil to add the shadows. 

Oh and the background was all done with a wadded up paper towel by dabbing it into the paint and dabbing it all over the canvas. 

Note to self ~ When dabbing paint onto anything..... wear gloves or your hands will be completely covered in paint. Messy painter here! 

The word "Bloom" was free handed with a flat brush and white paint. Then doodled over with a fine point sharpie and shadow added with the pastel pencil. 

I had such a great time! Not to mention I really love this page!

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