Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hand Painted Wine Glass Gift

I painted this lovely wine glass just to have some fun, but then decided to send it to Tracy with my Christmas Mixed Media Swap cards as a thank you for all she does. She really does inspire me to do different things and just have fun letting go. So I added her mantra "let it go" onto the bottom of the glass. I just love all the fun polka dots!

This was done with Folk Art enamel paints and I cured the paint and baked the glass as directed on the paint bottle. It says it's dishwasher safe at that point, but I think I would still hand wash something like this.

I think maybe now I'll have to paint a wine glass or to for myself. I make things all the time, but rarely keep much of anything for myself. Weird right??? I will have to fix that pronto! I'm off to Walmart to pick up more plain wine glasses!