Thursday, January 16, 2014


Flying Mixed Media Artwork

I really wanted to play around with some of my mixed media to create a gift for my husband. I do like to give handmade gifts, but I just can never think of anything that I could make that I think he would like. So, since he is a small plane pilot and loves to fly I came up with this flying artwork. 

I printed an image of a Cessna on some vellum, sealed with a spray sealer to prevent the ink from running, then used decoupage to glue it onto a canvas that I had painted with a gradient blue effect.

Next I printed off a portion of a flight chart of our area, wadded it up, inked it up a bit, and decoupaged that onto the canvas. Then I took a Basic Black Stampin' Spot and added black ink smeared around the edges. This really brought out some of the texture. Then I coated the entire thing with decoupage to seal everything in.

I used a stencil and some White ink spray to add the chevrons and some molding past to create what is supposed to be a cloud that I'm not very pleased with. I added this quote with a gold paint pen. 

Then I took a photo of my husband getting into a Cessna, changed it to black & white, added the vignette, and had it printed. I glued the photo onto a piece of thick chipboard that I cut to size and painted with a dark blue Decoart paint. Then I just glued the photo onto the canvas with some hot glue.

I really do hope he likes it.