Tuesday, January 28, 2014



I normally don't do New Year's resolutions. This year will be no different. However, I have decided to choose a word for the year. One single word that I can use to remind myself to make a difference in my life. 

The last year absolutely flew by. It seemed I was always running one direction or another trying to keep up while everything else was passing me by. It seemed I was just running from one deadline to the next non-stop. Since my term on two different design teams has ended I think I will get a chance to relax a little. 

Those terms ended just a few months before Christmas and I spent that time working on Christmas presents like crazy. I love to give handmade gifts for Christmas and always have a long list of things to make. I'm sure you've noticed a lack of posts the last couple months and preparing for Christmas is the reason why. I was busy working away, but I couldn't share anything with you in case the gift recipients happened to stop by my little spot of the internet. 

So in an effort to slow down, relax a little more, maybe actually get some projects done around the house that really need doing... my word for this year is 


To be able to create for the sake of creating instead of trying to meet a deadline. To try new things just for the fun of it. To get some areas of the house organized and maybe fixed up that have been neglected. To not feel like I'm constantly running around like crazy and getting nothing done. To make the time to stop and smell the flowers or watch the sun set. 

Tracy over at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios has challenged those who follow along with her Mixed Media Monday videos to create a project using our word of the year. I actually created two! 

Here is the first one I made, and by far the faster one to make. I made this one the first week of January and honestly have no clue what colors of paint I used. I guess I should probably write that kind of stuff down huh?

The paper for the flower petals was some retired First Edition DSP from Stampin' Up. The background was done by watering down acrylic paint and dripping it from the top of the page. After it dried I turned my book around so the drips were coming up from the bottom. Some detail lines were added to the flowers with a silver Sharpie paint pen and the flower centers were made all sparkly with some Stickles. 

I added some of the things I want to enjoy more this year along the stems and leaves of the flowers.

I will share the other piece with my word of the year tomorrow. Have you picked out a word for the year?

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