Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Breathe some more...

At the beginning of the month I chose my word of the year as I mentioned yesterday. I also wanted to play around in my doodle journal. Now I don't really get these completed too quickly. I might spend 10 minutes here then 30 minutes three days later then 5 minutes a couple days later so I'm pretty pleased to have this one completed in the same month that I started it. I am also totally elated with how it came out!

When I started this doodle I decided that I wanted to doodle just to doodle but couldn't think of a topic so I just went ahead and used my word then started adding random flowers around it. Then I added more detail to the flowers. It really is almost like the doodle evolved on it's own even though I know I did it. 

Once I had the line drawing completed I started coloring in the flowers with Tombow Dual Brush Pen markers and a Stampin' Up Aqua Painter to spread the color and get the water-colored look. 

The Tombow markers give such a bright vibrant color and are so easy to spread around and blend with the Aqua Painter. To get the splotches on the turquoise background I just touched the Aqua Painter to the paper after the color had initially dried, and allowed that to dry. That creates these beautiful ridges around the second puddle of water.

This will be the one I hang up to remind me to enjoy the little things and relax a bit more. The bright vibrant colors just make me happy!

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