Saturday, October 19, 2013


Let Go...

A couple months ago I stumbled upon Tracy's blog. Every week she has the most wonderful videos showing how to make a large variety of mixed media art sharing techniques and product information. The video sessions are actually streamed live every Monday night on U stream where you can chat and interact with her as she paints. I usually don't get the chance to watch the live show, but I love watching the recap recordings. She always says to just let go and create. So after watching for several weeks this month's Creative Dare is to share what we need to let go of so we can create. This is what I created. 

There is nothing quite as scary as a blank page when you start off huh? But once I started adding on the paint  on the background (sticking with my favorite color) it came pretty easily. The hardest part was putting on that first brush stroke. The thoughts "what if I mess up", "there is no way this is going to turn out good", "I can't do this" were running through my head. But after I dove in and just started adding color those questions faded away. Once I had my background I knew I wanted to do a dandelion with the seeds and my worries floating away on the breeze. 

But when I went to start on my dandelion the haunting questions returned. But I just kept on going. "I am so going to finish this no matter what it looks like" was my thought. As it progressed I kept thinking..."this really does NOT look like a dandelion", "this looks terrible". But I kept on going...

I added the words with a ultra fine point Sharpie. After I got the words added in (which took quite a while to think up) I realized that I meant to add "perfection" as one of those words. Because trying to make everything perfect puts on way too much stress  and pressure. I actually thought about going back and painting over one of the words to add perfection in, but that in and of itself would be striving for perfection huh? And that's one of the things I'm trying to let go of. So I just left it as is.

The end result??? I am so incredibly proud of what I created with a little paint and a couple markers! I am totally going to frame this and hang it in my craft room as a reminder! To let go of all those nagging thoughts and concerns and just create something beautifully you!

Thank you Tracy for giving me the push I needed to try out something like this. And for giving me a perspective that I can use no matter what I'm working on! 

~ Supplies ~
  • DecoArt Americana: Deep Midnight Blue, Turquoise Blue, Whisper Turquoise, Blue Chiffon, Charcoal Gray, Cool White, Snow (Titanium) White, Citron Green, Craft Twinkles
  • Markers: Fine Point Sharpie, Ultra Fine Point Sharpie, Stampin' Up Silver Marker, 
  • Paint Brushes: 3/4 flat, 5/8 chisel, #4 round, 10/0 round