Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Jewelry Photo Dump

I’ve made several pieces of jewelry for various reasons that I haven’t gotten around to posting. I’m trying to go through my pictures for blogging and get them cleaned up so I’m going to dump a bunch of these on you at once. Warning! Picture heavy post!

A birthday present for me from me:
I made myself this pair of earrings for my birthday last year. As a crafter I find I make more things as gifts than I actually keep for myself. So I made these just for me!  These are not 100% originally designed. I followed a tutorial I got off Etsy HERE.

Kelly’s Necklace:
I made this necklace and a matching pair of earrings for my Sister Kelly for her birthday last year. She said she wanted jewelry and something red. So this is what I came up with.

A necklace and earring set for Val:
Val is a very good friend and the mother of my Sister’s exchange student from a few years ago. She send me and my hubby some delicious treats from Germany for Christmas so in return I made her and her daughter Sira a jewelry set. So this is Vals.

This one was for Sira:
I had fun making these even though they did take a while to make.

Swirl earrings for Carline’s prom:
Caroline is the exchange student that my sister hosted last year. I made these for her to wear with her prom dress. So sparkly!

These simple earrings I had made as an alternative for Carline in case she wanted something simpler than the swirls. She did like the swirls better so I just kept these lovelies for myself.

These sparkly cracked glass earrings I made quite a while ago that are sitting in my Etsy shop looking for a good home.