Monday, January 7, 2013


Christmas Present Parade!

I really love being able to make gifts for my family and friends. I can make something that is just for them and reflects their personality and put my love for them into each and every gift. So here is the parade of gifts that I made this year. Be aware that this is a very picture heavy post!

A necklace and earring set for my Grandma.

A necklace and earring set for my bestie. 

Earrings for my niece Gabrielle.

Earrings for my niece Megan.

Earrings for my niece Lauren.

Earrings for my cousin Veda.

A necklace and earring set for my Aunt Rosie.

A quilted blanket for Neila in her favorite colors. It came out so pretty I wanted to keep it for myself! I guess I will just have to start making one for me after Christmas. I’ve even already got the fabric! Sorry for the horrible iPhone picture, I had to get it packed and shipped pronto! Too bad she still hasn’t received the package!

A stained glass lantern for Caroline, my sister’s exchange student.

A jacket with crochet detail for my niece Gabrielle. She got two handmade gifts this year! I just wish I had time to add to the pockets or collar to tie in the crochet bottom and make it look more complete. As it is I didn’t get this finished until Christmas Eve and they came over to have Christmas with us in the evening of Christmas Eve.This was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest! 

There were many more gifts that I wanted to make, but I wasn't going to stress myself out by trying to squeeze too much into the busiest time of year. I will just have to start earlier next year and stock up on gifts early. I say that every single year, but maybe next year it will actually happen? At least I got the shopping portion of my gifts and the decorating done early this year. Now to just get all the decorations taken down and put away…