Saturday, August 18, 2012


Birthday Headbands

About a month ago I need a birthday present for someone special. So I decided to decorate a couple headbands.  

This first one is a combination of ivory material and ivory lace with gold beads in the center on a black headband. I think this one was my favorite because of the contrast in the colors and the texture the lace added.

The second was in some purple cotton material. I don’t remember what color the headband was originally, but I wrapped a strip of fabric around the head band and then made a matching flower to attach to it. The flower was full enough that it didn’t need anything else added to it. 

For the last one I found a pretty metal headband with the rhinestone flower, but the person I wanted to give it to has a nickel allergy. So to be safe I wrapped the headband portion in black satin ribbon. I like the texture the wrapped ribbon added to the headband.

If you’re interested in getting one of the first or second headband then send me an e-mail. I still have plenty of material to make more!

Which is your favorite?