Saturday, June 2, 2012


New Stampin' Up Ink Pads

Stampin' Up has really outdone themselves with creating these great new Classic Ink pads! I just know as soon as you use them you will LOVE them! Here are some of the wonderful features of these great new ink pads:

  • New firm foam pad for better ink coverage. 
  • patented flip-top design store ink upside-down to keep pad moist (as before)
  • Fast-drying, dye based, acid-free ink
  • New color name labels in your language for easy identification

When they say better ink coverage they really aren't kidding! Remember before with the felt ink pads you would really have to check to make sure that your stamp was covered completely. Or sometimes you would have certain stamps that were nearly impossible to get the center inked up well (like the pine tree from Lovely as a Tree for me). Or solid stamps that just wouldn't come out perfectly stamped like you would expect? Well with the new ink pads you don't have to worry about that!

Here, take a look at Lovely as a Tree inked up with Basic Black in the felt ink pad. I have always had trouble with this stamp getting the center of the tree to be stamped nice and clean. Please note, I am not doing anything differently with the felt pads than I always have. The image on the left was stamped with the old Basic Black ink pad. The image on the right was stamped with the new Basic Black ink pad. Big difference!

The new ink pads are so great! All you have to do is lightly, and I do mean lightly tap the stamp on the pad 3-4 times to get it completely inked. If you press the stamp down like you used to for the felt pads you will get ink on the outside edge of the stamp.

Now for solid images. Before you used to have to really condition solid image stamps to get a decent looking image. On the left is an image from Mixed Bunch that I conditioned and stamped in the old Basic Black ink pad. On the right is the same stamp stamped with the new Basic Black ink pad.

Once again, with the new pads you just need 3-4 light taps to get good ink coverage. The resulting stamped image looks like something you would get out of a printer! So solid!

Also, another fabulous feature is the label sticker that comes on the bottom of the ink pad, just peel off the one in your language and stick it on the end of the ink pad! No more having to guess which color is which when you have them stacked up!

I know I'm sold! I totally want all of the new ink pads. After using the new ones, I dread having to work harder to use the old ink pads like before! Just try one and I know you'll fall in love! On another note, if you do plan on getting the entire collection of new ink pads you will save nearly 20% on the Brights, Subtles, Regals, and Neautrals collections and nearly 23% on the In Color sets when you buy the Card Stock & Pad Kit!

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