Monday, June 4, 2012


Disney Fantasy Vacation!

Hello everyone! Last week I had the most fantastic Disney Cruise vacation with my husband and some of my family! It really was a dream come true and we had a great time! The Disney Fantasy is Disney Cruise Line's newest ship and sailed on it's maiden voyage back in March. Here are some fun facts about this beautiful ship:

There are 14 decks, 1,250 staterooms, accommodates 4,000 guests and 1,450 crew, and the overall length of the ship is 1,115 feet!

The ship has loads of activities not only for kids and families, but many adult only areas as well! My husband and I don't have any kids and we had a fantastic time! The service is excellent, the ship is beautiful, and the food is terrific!

So here are some of my vacation pictures, be prepared, there are a lot!

These are photos of some of the bar areas in Europa, the adults only club section of the ship. This particular area was called La Piazza. The bar actually looked like a carousel with all the lights. It was gorgeous.

This is Ooh La La. So many pretty seats. The walls looked tufted and had little lights for the "buttons" in the tufting. 

This lounge is called The Tube. It was meant to look like the London underground. The ceiling of the bar looks like you're inside Big Ben and there were these glowing orbs on the ceiling that look really cool. 

This is Skyline. The walls have a scene of a city skyline that changes from day to nigh and the skyline changes daily to a different city. This was amazing and so detailed that you could see cars and people moving! This particular scene was Port Canaveral. 

This was quit cove pool in the adults only section. The adult section actually has three different pools. This is just one part of the pool that had only a couple inches of water and a mister in the center, to the right is the deeper swimming pool. 

Goodbye Port Canaveral....

We're heading out into the open ocean! 

These beautiful crystal chandeliers were everywhere around the atrium on Deck 3! So pretty! 

Here is my husband spinning my niece Lauren around in the atrium. 

The Walt Disney Theater where Broadway style shows were performed with amazing special effects! No pictures or filming allowed during those, sorry. But they were fantastic! 

A statue of Mickey outside the theater. 

We had a dry erase board on the outside of our stateroom door and Micky Mouse signed it! 

The lit up Disney Cruise Line logo on one of the stacks. So pretty! 

It was really cool getting to see the AquaDuck, the only water rollercoaster aboard a cruise ship, lit up at night! 

The Funnelvision (gigantic TV on deck). 

We had a wonderful brunch at Palo on Sunday. Here is my dessert! 

And the view from Palo, with my mom on the left. 

This beautiful blown glass fixture was at the entrance to Palo. Absolutely stunning! 

We also had a blast playing in the family pool on Sunday. This is my husband and my nieces, Lauren on the left and Megan on the right. 

They happened to have Toy Story playing on the Funnelvision that day. 

There was really beautiful artwork all over the ship and even enchanted art work that would animate when you stepped up to it. Gotta love Disney Magic! 

The atrium was decorative in a Peacock patterns and colors. It was absolutely gorgeous! 

There were beautiful tile and glass mosaics everywhere on the ship. This area was next to the atrium on this side is Cinderella's carriage, on the other side was Aurora's castle! 

The elevators in the atrium. Beautiful scroll work! 

The stunning chandelier in the atrium that was really hard to get good photos of. 

When you're from the Midwest its pretty amazing being surrounded by ocean! 


The view of the ship from the pier in Grand Cayman. The water is too shallow here for the ship to pull up to the pier so we had to ride on tender boats to get from the ship to the pier. 

There's nothing like napping on Deck 4. This is where the lifeboats are stored overhead, but the deck is lined with oh so comfortable lounging chairs and the lifeboats provide shade. It's so quiet down here with just the sound of the ocean going by and usually a breeze. The perfect place to read or nap. 

This is the ceiling in Enchanted Garden, one of the restaurants. Throughout the evening the flowers on the ceiling change color and open up and the ceiling transforms into a night sky with stars. It was gorgeous! 


This is Cozumel, Mexico.

Costa Maya, Mexico where we went snorkeling. 

These are just a few of the photos I took while snorkeling. I got some really great pictures, but I thought that there was a lot more to see when we went snorkeling in Cozumel back in 2010. 

This is a restroom near another lounge called Outlook. I just thought that it was cute how the lights and mirror looked like Mickey! 

This is Outlook. It is a lounge that is all the way in the top of the forward stack. 

What a view of the ship all lit up at night! 

 Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the Bahamas. My husband and I went out on a peddle boat and this was the view of the ship from there.  

Serenity Bay, the adults only beach at Castaway Cay. 

We had plenty of yummy alcoholic drinks while vacationing, but this one was by far the best. It is a Creme Brulee Martini that I got in Meridian, the lounge at the top of the aft stack right next to Palo and Remy (adults only fancy restaurants).

 You could see different Disney characters all over the ship and take photos with them if you wanted. Here is Mickey! 

We had a fantastic time cruising on the Disney Fantasy. I didn't take anywhere near enough photos of the ship! I guess I will have to fix that when we sail on her again next May! My husband and I are cruising on the May 4th Eastern Caribbean that goes to St. Thomas, St. Martin, and Castaway Cay! 

Thanks for stopping by!