Thursday, May 31, 2012


Luggage Handle Covers

Hello everyone! I have another fabulous Fish Exchange gift to share with you! (Check out Monday's post for information on what a Fish Exchange is). This one is a project that I definitely wanted to make, and has taken quite a bit of time. These are all Luggage Handle Covers. Basically fabric with batting inside and velcro on each end so that you can attach it around the handle of your suitcase.

I don't know about you, but my husband and I have black luggage. It was a lot cheaper than something prettier. The only problem is, when you're waiting for your bag on the carousel it seems like everyone has black luggage and it's difficult to tell yours apart from all the others. And the carousel moves to fast to look at the tag and grab it before running into another person (been there, done that). So just add one of these pretty luggage handle covers around the handle and your bag can easily be spotted mixed in with all those other black bags! Genius I know! I wish I had thought of it on my own, but I found this tutorial HERE for making them.

I bought fat quarters every once and a while until I had enough. The only difference between mine and those in the tutorial is I cut my fabric 5-1/2" x 6-1/2" so that I could get nine pieces out of each fat quarter. Here are all of them ready to be packed in my luggage. There are 48 cabins in the Fish Exchange, so that means LOTS of luggage handle covers!

Here they all are in a space bag ready to be sucked down. Good thing I used it otherwise I wouldn't have had much room for clothes!

And here it is all sucked down. M

I really love the ones I made for me and my husband. I used some leftover fabric from our Fish Extender (see Monday's post) to make ours. I hope everyone else likes them too!

Thanks for stopping by!