Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Stained Glass Cabinet Christmas Present

I still have a couple of Christmas gifts that I made last year that I haven't posted. Well here is one of them. This one I hadn't posted yet because I was hoping to get a better picture of it, but this one will do. The bottom is kind of blocked by the computer monitor that was on the desk. The desk and computer monitor have since moved so they no longer block the panel. When I get a better picture I'll update this post. 

This gift was for my Dad. He had been asking for over a year to have something to hide his electrical panel that is in plain view in the family room. So after a lot of thinking I came up with the idea of building a cabinet to hang over the box with a door, so the electrical panel could still be easily accessed. Then I thought it would be really cool to have a stained glass panel inside the door back lit with a couple of lights mounted on the inside of the cabinet! 

My hubby built the beautiful cabinet in his wood shop while I worked on the stained glass panel. The design is my own original creation too! It took MANY hours of cutting, grinding, foiling, and soldering. But it was so worth it! Just seeing the look on Dad's face, and everyone else's, made the hours of work worth it. 

The glass I used for this project is....
  • Wissmach Mystic Light Amber with Brown and White Wispy
  • Kokomo Almond Opalume
  • Spectrum Light Amber and White Wispy
  • Spectrum Brown/Gold Streaky Granite
  • Kokomo Medium Amber Cathedral
  • Spectrum Pale Amber and White Whispy

I purchased all of my glass, copper foil, and solder from Delphi Glass. They always ship really fast, have a wide variety of options for all kinds of glass work, and I've never received a broken piece of glass because they pack it really well! 

Let me know if you would like a copy of my pattern and I will be happy to send you a PDF format that you can scale to whatever size you need! 

Dad was totally surprised Christmas morning! Which is really hard to do. My hubby even ran the wiring for a switch so the light can be turned on when you enter the room. I just love soft glow behind the neutral colored glass and all the texture! 

Thanks for stopping by!