Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Crochet Ruffle Scarf

This is a scarf that I crocheted for my Aunt for Christmas. I finished it in September I think. It was right when the leaves on the tree in my back yard were bright red and pretty, so I took the scarf outside and draped it on a recently broken branch to take the photo. 

I used THIS pattern with Caron Simply soft yarn. I believe it was Pistachio, Vanilla, and Chocolate yarn that I used. I crocheted all three strands of yarn together with one really large crochet hook. I also added a couple more rows that what the pattern called for. Then I edged it in three strands of just the Chocolate with a single crochet all the way around. 

It's a really fun scarf pattern because when you put it on it automatically spirals around itself. It's also really quick and easy to whip up in no time!

Thanks for stopping by!