Thursday, January 26, 2012


Blog Critique!

I recently signed up for a Blog Critique over at Truly Lovely to get some insight into other's opinions about my blog. This was very interesting! As I was going through answering the questions (which you can find HERE) I realized a couple of things I should add such as the quick share buttons for facebook, twitter, etc and to add some more personal information.

The lovely ladies providing my critique were Kimberly at Lush Lounge and Vikki at The Quirky Quail.

It was very nice getting to read someone else's opinion of my blog and get some tips on how to make it more visually appealing and possibly more functional.

Here are some of the fabulous things I've learned...

  • Having the "search this site" and "follow by email" options right at the top are a plus! Makes it easy to find and use!
  • One of the ladies let me know that one of the things she does not care for is the fact that most of the projects require specific items from Stampin' Up. She would like to see some of the posts where generic items might be substituted.
    • Unfortunately this is not something I can change. I do sell Stampin' Up products and I am trying to promote them and show different ways that they can be used. I could, however, start a feature once and a while showing how I created a card similar to another one but with Stampin' Up products. It's kind of a reverse of her suggestion. What do you think? Should I do this sometime?
  • My blog is easy to navigate and user friendly!
    • Yay! I'm so glad to hear that!
  • PR Disclosure, she didn't see one
    • It's actually wayyyyyyy down at the bottom.
  • Facebook page isn't up to date. Last post was in November (Yikes!)
    • Yeah, I need to do better at linking new posts to my Facebook page. But the quick share links at the bottom of the post sure will make that faster and easier for me to do!
  • Add a few more steps in the tutorials...(Butterfly Wall Art)
    • Yeah, I missed getting every step-by-step picture on this one, but I was really hurrying to get it finished on time. I think for the most part my tutorials are thurough. I haven't received any questions on them. Please let me know what you think!
  • Try to incorporate some of the color from the header and background into the side bar more.
    • Done! I changed the catalog buttons from pictures of the catalog to a cute little button that I created in MDS! I really like this change! Not to mention I won't have to update the picture every time the catalog changes, just the link.
  • Add a little "About Me" section on the side bar so readers can meet the crafter behind the blog.
    • Done! I even added a picture. I personally find it nice to see a picture of the blogger in the side bar. I don't know why I didn't add one sooner. The "About Me" page has been updated too!
  • She really liked the part at the end of my Enchanting Thank You post where I mentioned one thing I really liked about the card. It adds a personal touch.
    • I will definitely try to do this more often! It's not easy for me, but I will try.
  • She suggested I ask my readers opinions on the projects more often or link to my shop.
    • I will definitely be working that in more. I so love to read all of the wonderful comments I get and get your opinon!
  • Post divider image....
    • I've seen other blogs with this and it looks wonderful. I would love to add one, but don't know how. If you know to add one of these please e-mail me some tips so I can add one!
  • Bullet list supplies line and try to break up the paragraphs a bit.
    • I have been using a bullet list for the supplies and I will try to break up the paragraphs so it is easier to read through.
  • Blog footer....nothing there, but thats not bad
    • I decided to move my "create" definition from the side bar, where it didn't really stand out, and change it to a picture that fits the same theme as the header and background. It's in the footer all the way at the bottom. Also, anyone know how to change the color of the bottom box? I really would prefer it to be white instead of grey, but I can't figure out how to change it.
  • Add more personal flair!
    • I will try to make it more personal. It's not easy for me since I don't know if my readers care to hear about personal stuff or would rather just look at the projects. I'm not good at jokes so I just stumped as to what to do.
Are there any other suggestions that you have? I would love to hear them! I really want to make my blog easy to use/read and make is something you enjoy looking at!

Do you want to see more "other crafts" than just cards? Should I try to work in some scrapbook pages? Is there anything specific that you would like to see or learn more about? Please let me know!

Thank you Truly Lovely for putting this Blog Critique together, adn thank you Vikki and Kimberly for your wonderful thoughts and suggestions! This has been a truly enlightening process!

Thanks for stopping by!