Monday, October 24, 2011


Short Vacation to the Windy City!

Sorry I've been MIA for the last week. I took the week off from work and have at least partially unplugged. I really haven't been on the computer a lot in the last week which has been so nice! Not that I don't like sharing with all of you, but it has been wondeful to appreciate just spending some time at home with only a few chores on the to-do list and thats it.

However, Hubby and I went to Chicago Tuesday and Wednesday just to see something different and go somewhere different together. It was a relatively inexpensive vacation. The hotel was fabulous as was the view from the window. You have to understand that the biggest city that I've actually ever been around is Kansas City. Which, although big for our area, is rather small compared to other big cities in the country. So going to Chicago was truly an experience! I can't say that I like the maze of the public transportation system. Not to mention that you truly do A LOT of walking!

Here is the view from our hotel room window. It's really hard to get a clear picture of the city lights at night!

Here are some other pictures from our trip!

 This was taken as we were about two blocks away from the John Hancock building (the one with the two antennae).

This is the same building as we were about to enter it. We were heading to the Observatory to see the city from the top of the John Hancock building.

City along the lake, a very BIG lake!

It's a long way down. The cars and people look so small from this view. On the left you can see the water pump house and the tower on the right is the water tower.

View of the city from the lake. We went on an Architectural tour of the city from the Chicago river. What a wonderful view-point. It was a bit overcast both days that we were there, however, it only rained a little Tuesday evening and then off and on Wednesday morning. It was a chilly rain too!

More pictures of our short vacation to the windy city will come later in the week!