Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Mom's Birthday Present

Good morning all! Both my Mom and my Husband had birthdays this last weekend so we had a party for both of them on Saturday. This is the present that Mom got from Me, my husband, and my sister Kelly. We make such a good team!

My sister found THIS pin. I thought that Mom would absolutely love it and that we could make it happen. So Kelly convinced Mom to hand over some of her tea-cup collection (knowing they wouldn't be usable again) and I found some of them online or at an antique store.

I drew up a pattern using a CAD program, printed it out on several sheets of letter size paper and taped it all together. Then my husband Bill helped cut out the pattern from 5/8" thick MDF. He then routed the edges and added the hole for the clock parts and the boards on the back to mount the clock to the wall.

The tea cups were cleaned well and glued together and then to the MDF with a resin epoxy. These things aren't going anywhere! Some hanging wire was added to the back and voila!

Mom really loves it! I'm really happy with it. Also, now that we have a pattern it would be super easy to make another one.

These photos were taken at night, so sorry for the poor photo quality.

I just love the little tea pot lamp and the tea-for-one pots that Mom positioned under the clock on the mantle!