Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Streaky Glass Tutorial

One of my many hobbies is stained glass and while browsing around the glass website that I order from I saw this and thought that something like this would look wonderful on a card. How could I recreate this with paper supplies.

Here is what I came up with:

For this tutorial you will need a piece of cardstock already cut to the size or shape you want to use on your project, reinkers in the colors of  your choice, Crystal Effects, Needle or Pin, nonstick surface. In the photos I have mine resting on a clear block. I found out the hard way that it would be better to use a silicone mat or some form of nonstick surface. Any Crystal Effects that drips off the sides of the shape will cause your paper to be stuck to the surface unless it is a nonstick surface.

*** Update: For the paper you can use Whisper White cardstock, Glossy Paper, Vellum, Acetate (this really looks like glass) or any other kind of cardstock you like. If you are using a regular cardstock make sure to place it on a nonstick surface and to not move the piece until it is completely dry. The reason for this is when you apply as much Crystal Effects as required for this technique to work it makes the paper kind of soggy. So it will tear easily or lose it's shape. Glossy Cardstock, Vellum, and Acetate won't do this because they are all sealed with a plastic-type layer. But anything you use will work.***

1. Place one drop of each color of reinker into a container. Here I'm using some plastic packaging I had lying around.

2. Place your cardstock onto a nonstick surface (not a clear block like shown above).

3. Add Crystal Effects to the cardstock.

4. Cover the entire cardstock with Crystal Effects, don't be stingy, you need a thick layer for this technique to work.

5. Dip the point of the needle into your drop of reinker and touch the needle to the Crystal Effects in several places for each color. Add all of your colors that  you  want. Be careful not to use too many different colors or your project will look muddy.

6. Use the needle and drag it through the colors in the crystal effects and swirl it around as desired to drag one color into the other. Here I've used Pacific Point, Tempting Turqouise, Pear Pizzaz, and Daffodil Delight reinkers.

7. You can add more color by dipping the needle into the ink and adding more in specific areas. You can see I added three darker streaks in the picture below.

8. Set aside and allow your project to dry overnight. It takes a while for this thick layer of Crystal Effects to dry completely. You don't want to handle it too soon or you will get finger prints in your shiny finish.

9. After your Crystal Effects is dry remove your cardstock from the nonstick surface. You may have to trim the edges with scissors if any of the Crystal Effects flowed over the edges. This is easy to do though. Then you can add it to your project!

This technique is super easy and super simple, you just have to let it dry a long time. I can't wait to try some butterflies with this! I call this technique Streaky Glass. I hope you get a chance to try this one out it's lots of fun!

Come back later to see the card I created with this beautiful circle!