Thursday, December 30, 2010


My Very First Quilt!

My sister and her husband are also hosting a foreign exchange student this year. Her name is Sira and I decided to make a simple quilt for her back in September. She likes Navy Blue and Cream so that is the colors I went with. I ordered the fabric from a craft store online. I spent hours reading online to determine the best way to go about this monumental feat, for me anyway. Not to mention a pattern.

I saw a simple quilt on a beginners book that had squares with the patterns in diamonds growing outward. So that is what I did. I cut many, many, many 6" squares and spent hours at the sewing maching putting them into rows and the sewing the rows together. The thing I had the most trouble with was getting the layers of the top fabric with the squares, batting, and back fabric together neatly. The back doesn't look great but I am so proud of how the front looks. The finished blanket is Twin sized.

So those quilting experts out there please take it easy on this quilting rookie. I'm still pleased with it and Sira LOVED it!