Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Mosaic Vase

The first Christmas present I made was a mosaic vase for my sister Kelly who loves pink. I found this wonderful clear glass vase at an antique store and used some glass that I already had on hand. One of my other of many hobbies is stained glass and glass fusing. These pieces were just waiting to be used. I cut the glass into 1/2" strips then cleaned them with alcohol. Then I used on glass tile nippers from the home store to cut the strips into 1/2" squares. Well...approximately squares. They weren't perfect, but I didin't want it to be perfect either.

Then I used E600 glue to adhere all the glass pieces to the vase. This project used five different kinds of glass. A champagne colored opaque, a solid pink opaque, glue chip (which looks like frost on glass), a pink and yellow streaky glass, and a peachy colored mottled (textured) glass.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and Kelly loved it!

Come back later to see what else I have to share with you!