Friday, October 15, 2010


Background Stamping - Tutorial

Hello everyone on this wonderful Friday morning! As you can see the countdown counter on the right is almost to zero! By the time you will be able to read this post our flight will have already left the KCI airport on it's route to sunny Orlando Florida! We are heading off on another Disney Cruise Vacation! I haven't been on any other cruise line but I can tell you that Disney provides a truly relaxing and an absolutely fabulous experience! 

Don't worry! I have scheduled posts all throughout next week so even though I'll be cruising through the Carribbean you will still get your daily dose of crafty goodness! Anyway onto today's tutorial. Today I will be showing you how to get a good impression using a background stamp without standing on the stamp or pushing down on it so hard you turn purple. Take a look:  

For this tutorial you will need a background stamp, ink pad, cardstock, and printer paper. In this case I have the stamp En Fraincais, Very Vanilla cardstock, and Pumpkin Pie ink.

Lay your background stamp on the table rubber-side-up.

Ink up your stamp by patting the ink pad onto the background stamp to cover the stamp completely in ink.

Carefully place your cardstock on top of the stamp rubber. You don't want to slide it on. You want to carefully place it down and note move it.

Place a piece of printer paper over your cardstock. While holding down with one hand rub your other hand across the cardstock to transfer the image. You will want to rub evenly across the entire piece of cardstock. Be careful not to slide the cardstock around or you will smear your image.

Remove the printer paper.

To get the cardstock off of the stamp I like to carefully pick up the stamp and turn it over in the air. This allows the cardstock to fall off the stamp instead of accidentally sliding it when trying to pick up the cardstock. It also prevent you from getting ink all over your fingers. :)

Now you have a very clean and even background image that didn't require you to break your back and get frustrated!

Please let me know if there are any other things you would like me to do a tutorial on. I would be happy to help! Have fun stamping everyone!