Saturday, July 3, 2010



No...that is not a name I made up for this tool. It really is called a Stamp-A-Ma-Jig. Sorry for not getting this posted until late in the day. I swear my husband and I have been running around all day long! For the sample I used one of the cards from the last make and take since I had all the pieces cut already and it was a good example.

Have you ever made a card and been almost finished with just the sentiment left to do on a card that took a while to complete, and then stamped the sentiment crooked. Yeah, I know it's faster to make it the second time because you already know what to do. But it still irritates you. Well this tool is a great way to make sure that any stamped image is straight and right where you want it. I think its the best tool ever and I use this all the time.

The Stamp-A-Ma-Jig comes with a clear plastic sheet and a handle. It doesn't matter if you're right handed or left handed because this tool will work on both sides of the handle.

Place the clear plastic against the side and the top of the handle. You want to make sure that the plastic is all the way into the corner of the handle.

Ink up your stamp and stamp the image while making sure that the stamp block is all the way into the corner of the handle. You want the block touching both the side and the top at the same time.

Now that your image is stamped on the plastic you can move your plastic to line up your image where you want it. I stamped the trunks of the trees already and now I just need to line up the tops of the trees. I stamped all of the tops on the plastic at once, which is why the stamp image below is different from the one you see above.

Now that your image on the plastic sheet is lined up where you want it position the handle against the plastic sheet and use some pressure to make sure the handle doesn't move.

Pull the plastic sheet away and set it aside without moving the handle.

Ink up your stamp and stamp your image making sure that the block is all the way into the corner of the handle.

Now you can pick up your stamp and move the handle aside. Your image is perfectly positioned right where you want it! Isn't this fabulous!

This also works great for sentiments. Just repeat the steps above with your sentiment stamp.

Now you can assemble your card with everything stamped and perfectly positioned.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. To see the post on the card shown above click here. Please let me know if there is any other product that you would like to see a tutorial on.

Come back tomorrow. I have something completely different, pretty, and masculine to show you. I'm sure you'll be suprised!