Sunday, January 31, 2010


Beautifully Handmade Wreaths

I want to share with you the beautiful wreaths that my mom made for me. The first I received as a christmas present two years ago. This one has colors of burgandy and copper all over it. It's HUGE and requires a very large box to store it in, but I just love it.

The second is a spring wreath that I just recieved. This one is a more manageable size that would fit in one of those plastic wreath containers. I love all of the spring colors and the hanging flowers. In the center at the bottom you can see a little robin peeking out of all the bright spring colors.

I have the perfect spot next to the front door where these hang so evertime I pass through the entryway I can see these beautiful creations. She did such a good job didn't she? I just love them!