Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Copper Plant Hangers

I made several of these for mother's day a few weeks ago. One each for my mom and grandma and one each for my husband's mom and grandma. I have two more to make but I don't want to mention who in case they decide to read this blog. Each one was made in the recipient's favorite color. The one pictured above I made for me and since my favorite color is blue I made the butterfly and painted the pot blue. The ring is just 5/8" flexible copper pipe that is soldered into a ring with a coupling. I used copper wire that I twisted to make the pot hanger and the hook that it's hanging from (you can't see it in these pictures). The butterfly is made out of fused glass and the butterfly body is made with beads that are wired on. I am soooooo pleased with how these all turned out. I like them very much. The plant inside the pot is called Diamond Frost and is a full-sun plant that gets very, very fluffy by the end of the summer. My sister wants me to make one for her in pink. I will have to see if I can make time to do that.