Thursday, February 26, 2015

Craft Studio Tour

It's been quite some time since I've shared my studio and there have been a whole bunch of updates. In case you're curious to see what I started with and what it looked like last time I shared my studio just follow the links. Here is what it looks like now! (Click on any of the photos to make them larger).

When I was writing this post looking at all these pictures was making me dizzy, and I work in the space! So here is a simple layout of the room so you can find where you're at if you get lost.

Here is your view right when you walk through the door. You get a head on view of this wonderful file cabinet that I would like to update at some point. Any suggestions how to pretty it up? I spy a furry helper wondering what I'm doing. Say hello to Patches!

As soon as you walk through the door and turn to the left this is what you'll see. Now i am incredibly lucky. This is a 12 ft. by 24 ft. space. But that also means it is long and skinny so that creates it's own set of challenges. Especially when you have as much furniture packed into one room that I have.

There are a few odd things about this room since it is an addition that the previous owner made to the house. Another thing I would like to add here is that we have lived in this 1950's fixer upper house for 9 years. The house still needs A LOT of fixing. There are still several things about my craft room that need fixed, but it's a work in progress. So please forgive the two types of flooring with the gap where a wall used to be, the un-sheet-rocked section next to the back door, and the lack of baseboards/trim. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day. Also, fixing some of these issues would require me to empty out the entire room, which means a large amount of time that I don't have my work space.

Okay, back to the tour. So if you turn back towards the door you will see what remains of the sliding glass door. This is one of those odd things I mentioned a few minutes ago.

In front of the remaining half of the sliding door I have my electric fire place. This room gets so cold in the winter so this is definitely needed. Next to that is a card rack that my wonderful sister picked up for me with no cards on it. I like the idea of having the card rack, but the florescent lighting will fade the colors of the card stock. So I don't want to leave them out forever so I'm in a conundrum on that piece. On top of the fireplace I have a few magazines and some pretty baskets with yarn for upcoming projects.

Now if you turn to the right towards the rest of the room we will continue.

Next is my upcycled sewing desk that was a super cheap garage sale find. Above that I have 5 Bygel rails with baskets, flatware caddy's, and hooks that are all from Ikea. This is where I store buttons, brads, twine, clothespins, safety pins, tags, and more. On my sewing desk I have a glass jar that I use to keep my spools of thread in. All the wonderful drawers in the desk house the rest of my sewing tools.

Right next to my sewing desk is my trash can. It is actually meant to be a beverage cooler for use at parties and such, but I loved the color (as you might have noticed) so I use it as my trash can. It just goes to show you that you have to keep an eye out and be creative with your storage. Not all craft storage has to be something that was made to be craft storage.
Now another way that I am incredibly lucky is that my husband likes to do woodworking as a hobby. So he has built a lot of my craft room furniture. This stamp rack is one of the many pieces he has built for me.

It is huge and holds a whole lot of stamps!

On top of the stamp rack I have my current Stampin' Up! embellishments in a spinning organizer. Next to that is my owl Scentsy warmer and some more clear jars that store scraps of Stampin' Up! ribbon, embossing powder, and glue sticks. There are also a few things just for pretty like the lava lamp my dad gave me for my 14th birthday, the adorable owl my best friend gave me, the branches for my Easter tree in a pretty vase, and that wonderful yellow clock which was a Pick Your Plum score.

I really love storing my supplies in clear glass jars. It keeps them all together, they are pretty and add to my decor, and I can see inside the jar to grab the one I want. I would say that glass jars are my favorite organizing go to!

Now if I turn around a bit you can see this side of my ginormous craft island that my husband built. It. holds. so. much. stuff! This is where I do all my card making, fabric cutting, painting, etc. As you can see this side is all drawers. On the end I have two large wall files that I ordered from The Container Store. It houses my rulers, Big Shot cutting mats, current Stampin' Up! catalogs, and scrap paper for stamping on. What's the thing on the front of the left wall file you ask? Well that is the magnetic platform for my Big Shot. Since the wall files are metal, the magnetic platform sticks right to it so it's within easy reach, yet out of the way.

If I face back towards the back of the room you will see the ribbon rack and huge lateral file that were both built by my hubby. The top of the ribbon rack has blue jars that hold scraps of non-Stampin' Up! ribbon. (I'm a Stampin' Up! demonstrator so it makes it easier to keep those products separate from the rest of my supplies).

Then there are rows of ribbon spools. They just sit on the shelf and it is easy to pull out just one spool of ribbon.

Here you can see just how huge this file cabinet is. That is a whole bunch of 8-1/2" x 11" card stock all filed by color. On top of the file cabinet I have my Stampin' Up! ink tower, big shot, a plastic container with patterned paper scraps, and a basket with my DecoArt Media paints. On the wall I have mounted a paper towel holder (that is currently empty). That way it's easy to grab one when I have a mess I need to clean up.

To the right of the file cabinet is one of the ever popular turquoise Raskog carts from Ikea. This one holds my desk organizer, scissors, pens, pencils, craft knives, paper piercing supplies, envelopes, pre-cut and scored card bases, baby wipes (for cleaning my hands) and a few kits that I need to put together. I love that I can roll it out right next to where I'm working and I have all my most used tools right at my fingertips!

Here is a zoomed out view of that back wall. Since this room is so long and skinny I decided to paint that back wall a nice vibrant blue. It's Deep Blue Sea by Behr. The dark blue make the room seem less like a tunnel and more like a square if that makes any sense. The white shelves are the perfect place to store more supplies and display some of the things I've made.

The cabinet to the right (also built by the hubs) holds all my stained glass supplies as well as some other tools. Trust me... you don't want to look in there. It's a mess and needs some serious help. Also, those doors... they may or may not have been leaning against the wall of my craft room for the last three years or so until just last night when I needed to take photos for this post....

Here is a view of what is below those display shelves. A wood set of drawers that needs some work to be usable. I think it needs to be dressed up too. Any suggestions? On top of that is my radio. Gotta have some tunes while I'm getting my craft on! Next to that is my little kiln. I like to do some fused glass once in a while and this kiln is just perfect. Although when I use it I clean everything off the top and pull it out away from the wall. Safety first!

On top of the kiln is a 12" x 12" paper holder with mixed media supplies, a bin with some kits in them, and my Dremel drill press.

Now this spot was really hard to photograph. It's the end of the island that faces that dark blue wall. I've used Command picture hanging velcro to store my paper trimmer and Simply Scored scoring board right on the side of the island.

I also have a little command hook hanging from the underside of the top. This holds one of those cheap foam type place mats. I always like to stamp on one of these. I think the even, yet soft, surface gives you a better stamped image. By using vertical space where nobody can see I have these tools right next to where I use them and they don't have to be left on the top of my table all the time.

Here is a closer view of those back shelves. I have jars that hold my washi tape, Stickles glitter glue, glitter, some flattened bottle caps, alcohol inks, and even some old glass peanut jars I picked up from a garage sale that house my colored pencils. The owl planter hols all my sponges that I use for stamping, and the turquoise floral vase holes specialty pencils and pens that I use for Mixed Media.

Another view of the left side of the room. You can see the pretty fairy print that I picked up at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival several years ago.

Here is a view of my paint storage that I shared a few weeks ago. On top I have a jar with my twinkling H20s and my owl vase that holds my paint brushes. There is also a chalk board for my crafty to do list (I need to get a chalk marker so I can actually start using this!). Then to the right there is the outside window. I took these photos late at night so I left the blinds closed.

Here is another view of that unfinished glass cabinet. Both that and the file cabinet are eventually going to get a few coats of white paint.

Here is the other side of my fantastic storage island. This side is all open shelves. I have some painted crates that hold a variety of things and then there is stuff stacked to the sides of the crates. This area really needs some help.

Now if you turn to the right you can see this cube style shelf. I loved the look of the Ikea Expedit shelves, but until this last year it would have been about a 6 hour drive to the nearest Ikea. So that wasn't going to happen. There just was no way I could make my husband understand that a full day road trip was worth it to get one shelf... So I did the next best thing. I begged my handy hubs to build this shelf for me. It is wonderful! Although I think I may stain it darker to match the island.

Anyway, this shelf holds supplies for some of my in process projects as well as my fabric hoard collection. The shelf above is for some fun display. The top of this book case is also where I take a lot of the photos for my project posts (hence the lights).

Just to the left of the cube shelf you will see yet another Raskog cart from Ikea. This one holds (and is over flowing with) beading and jewelry supplies. Most of the beads and components are sorted in mason jars by color. Just under that plastic bin is an old metal tool box that holds all my jewelry making tools.

Turn to the right again and you will see the front end of the room. This portion needs some work still. We have to patch the sheet rock next to the door and then paint it the nice soft gray color (Twilight from Behr). Behind the door is the closet full of more crafting supplies, yet lacking organization (no one is perfect right???).

In the corner is this amazing wing-back chair that I scored from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for only $15. I'm thinking of recovering it in the fabric swatch you see sitting on top. It's nice to finally have a place in my studio to relax and take a breather or to make a guest comfortable while I work.

The built in shelf to the right of the file cabinet houses boxes of yarn and boxes of finished cards as well as books and my porcelain dolls that I've had since I was little. In front of the file cabinet is a gorgeous painting my mom did for me. The frame just needs painted white and then the painting popped in.

Now we've made it back to the door! Just a couple more things...

I love this amazing two-tiered fruit basket that I got from Pick Your Plum. It holds a lot of mixed media supplies and some general tools. Also, That nice HUGE work surface all clean..... Although I will try to keep it up, it probably won't last long. Just sayin...

One more tip, I like to keep a pretty bowl on my table for trash. That way I can toss the little bits in the bowl as I'm working rather than having to go over to the trash can every time. It keeps my work surface a little bit cleaner.

So although it's still very much a work in process, this room is the closest to perfect for me that it has ever been. I love working in here and making all those fun projects that I get to share with you! Thank you so much for joining me on my tour! I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my home.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Birthday in a Box

Need to throw a birthday party in a pinch?  This bright and fun Birthday Box has everything you need…just add cake! From invitations to d├ęcor, this project has you covered.  And, when you’re box is empty, you can use it for the present!

This fun birthday set designed by Lisa will have you ready for a party in no time! If you have a chance please head on over to Craft Project Central and leave Lisa a comment on her project. 

If you would like to subscribe to the February edition of Craft Project Central and get 10 wonderful tutorials for only $10 then click HERE!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Awesome Things Tuesday Link Party


Welcome back to another week of Awesome Things Tuesday! This week's features are all really awesome. Is one of them yours? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Berry Basket Gift Set for Baby

This berry basket is full of handmade goodies that will make a new mom smile, including a decorative door knob hanger to remind guests that baby is sleeping, a coordinating piece of art for baby’s room, and an adorable mini card to give best wishes for the new baby. These items are set in a cute berry basket that can also be used to store baby mementos! This is a one of a kind gift set!

This adorable project was designed by Boni! If you have a chance please head on over to Craft Project Central and leave Boni a comment on her project.

If you would like to subscribe to the February edition of Craft Project Central and get 10 wonderful tutorials for only $10 then click HERE!

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Sweet Baby Quilt

If you happen to follow me on Instagram you might have seen the first two pictures of these lovely quilt pieces in progress. I was working on a quilt that is slightly larger than a standard crib size for my newest little nephew. Now that Christmas is past I can share what I was working on. I used the Sweets pattern from Growing Up Modern by Allison Harris.

The instructions are really easy to follow... that is if you actually follow them... What was supposed to be cute little squares ended up being cute little rectangles because I made a mistake when I was cutting my strips. But it still looks really cute in my totally biased opinion!

The finished quilt ended up looking more like a parallelogram rather than a rectangle, but I am still fairly new to quilting and I was using cheap polyester batting that likes to move all over the place. Yep, those are the excuses I'm going with. (grin)

I would like to say that the quilting lines are intentionally wavy and imperfect to give the quilt a whimsical feel, but in reality it was only a couple days until Christmas and I didn't have the time to go slow enough to make sure the stitch lines stayed straight. Can you say procrastinator???

But even with all the mistakes, it is still cute, and it will still keep the little guy warm so I call it a success! 

Check out Allison's book for more fun quilt patterns! Oh, and in case you're wondering this isn't a sponsored post or anything. I've been following Allison's blog for quite some time and just want to share her awesomness!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Drawer Treat Box and Greeting Card

Make this cascading Drawer Treat Box for your crafty friend. Fill it with treats, craft embellishments, needle work supplies or/and office supplies and make your friend’s day. After emptying this little treat ‘heaven’ it can be re-filled and re-used over and over again. It is the perfect desk accessory. Learn how to add a water color look to your flowers without being an artist, and find out how you can Partial Die-Cut with your dies.  Great for a stamp camp, or as a class project.

This fun project was designed by Monika! If you have a chance, please head on over to Craft Project Central and leave Monika a comment on her project!

If you would like to subscribe to the February edition of Craft Project Central and get 10 wonderful tutorials for only $10 then click HERE!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Paint Brush Storage

Last week I talked about paint storage ideas. So I thought it would only be appropriate to talk about paint brush storage this week. So here are some fun ideas from around the web!

Paint brush mason jar organizing / New painting station for Heap of Change challenge, on

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors has her brushed stored in vintage mason jars that are all lined up in an old drawer. How gorgeous!

Melissa at Mrs. Easton tucks her brushes away in a bamboo mat with some elastic. This would be a great way to roll up all your brushes and store them without damaging the bristles.

Pam at Tinkering Around shares how she turned a straw container into a fun paint brush storage option. It just goes to show that you can use all sorts of things for storing craft supplies. You just have to keep an eye out for things that will work and get creative!


Natalie at Natalme shares a tutorial to take some scrap wood, leather, and a mason jar to add some interesting wall storage.

Maya took some cans and used a little paint to dress them up, recycling them into cool usable storage.

Brittany at The House That Lars Built shares another version of a bamboo roll up mat, but this one has little pockets sewn on so it can be used for more that just paint brushes! Take a look at her wonderful tutorial here.

apartmenttherapy how to clean old paintbrushes 01 How To: Clean Old Paintbrushes

Now this one has larger paint brushes rather than small ones, but it is a really cool idea either way. Nothing like making your tools part of the art in your space! This was shared at Apartment Therapy.

Now here is thinking outside the box! Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange uses a tool caddy from the home improvement store to stow all her brushes and painting supplies!

Rich shares a tour of his painting studio in this post and gives us a glimpse of some inventive storage. Plumbing PVC pipe that was cut at different lengths and glued to a base. Very inventive. I bet this could be dressed up into some pretty fancy storage without paying a fancy price.

Now it's my turn to share how I store my brushes... I keep them all in this adorable owl vase I picked up from Kirklands. Isn't she the cutest? 

Now I challenge you to get your brushes in order in a way that works for you!

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Do you have some awesome creative craft storage ideas you would like to share? If so add your link here! The only rules:
  • It must link directly to the post, not your home page.
  • It does not have to be related to the top of this post. The linkup on this post is the same as the linkup on all the Creative Craft Storage Series posts. 
  • Link up as many different ideas as you would like.
  • Links show up in a random order.